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Political Fact check Info – sites and sources

Posted by smallspark on October 10, 2008

Please please Fact Check

Dedicated Fact Checking Sites:
Nonpartisan Info:
Money Trail:
Non-Partisan Political Voting and Independent Group Rating Aggregator:
Veterans Groups Reviews
The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Action Fund
The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Action Fund
Disabled American Veterans  (its easier to find this way)
Mccain’s rating from Disabled American Veterens (DAV)
Obama’s Rating from Disabled American Veterens (DAV)
Aggregated Veterens Ratings from
MCcain’s Aggregated Ratings from
Obama’s Aggregated Ratings from

Political Reporting – pretty much non-partisan
Political Projections/Statistics

More Resources at

If you have a site you feel should be on this list, let me know and if I think it should be too – I’ll add it! Good luck and choose wisely.


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