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Philadelphia Creatives (or hey, there are Fun groups who make stuff!)

Posted by smallspark on October 23, 2008

This week I tweeted about Idea Blob  (, an event that sounded pretty neat.  Unfortunately, I found out late and have a date tonight so…I can’t go. However this is something monthly, I think so it occurs often. I can’t wait to go…and I have an idea to share too. 🙂

If you love new ideas and brainstorming – GO! and tell me about it.

They were sponsored by the below groups. I want to remember them because I love the idea of making things and learning what others are making – whether digital, art or technology –  and am excited to know more people combining art, technology and invention.

So check these sites out!

They are sponsored by:

These two don’t “make” things but check them out too.


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