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Useful/Interesting Internet Finds

Posted by smallspark on September 16, 2008

Amazon Watcher:

If you are looking for an item on Amazon that is constantly becoming sold out you might want this app because what this app does is automatically BUY the item as soon as it becomes available. Nice! The app is called Amazon Watcher (Found via and lifehacker plus some other well know sites, with good reviews.)

If you like The Machine is Us/ing Us web 2.0 video by Mike Wesch (and who didn’t) he updates his research in this talk given to the Library of Congress called An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube which is done in a humorous and informative fashion. The New Mediascape by Mike Atherton is how I found it and there you will find a good interview plus plenty of related links.



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How to prepare your Mac for Sale

Posted by smallspark on July 19, 2008

Well, it’s that time again. I’m getting ready to sell my powerbook G4 and I want to make sure I hit all the right details needed to generate decent interest.

It’s time to break out the reference links.

I go through this this everytime I update computers. (I love getting new laptops!) Unfortunately, I don’t like getting rid of the old nearly as much. Painful.

Now I (and you) will have a place to reference them alltogether. …

And…, my plan just came to a screeching halt… for a great reason!
I just found one site that’s so damn good, it’s all i need!
Defintely worth a look-see. Check it out.

Prepare a Used Mac For Sale by Peachpit Press



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Wanna babysit some brand new kittens for a couple weeks?

Posted by smallspark on May 26, 2008

These are the kittens who DESPERATELY need foster care TODAY: 

A)Mom with two newborn tortoiseshell kittens 

B)Three four-week-old tortoiseshell kittens 

C)Three four-week-old kittens: one tabby and two black 

D)Calico mom with three kittens: one calico, two tabby and white 

E)Three four-week-old beautiful kittens 

F)Two five-week-old black kittens 

PAWS is located at 111 W. Hunting Park Avenue, and volunteers are there right now trying to find foster homes for all the kittens and cats who need to leave the shelter today so they won’t be put down. 

Please go to the shelter or call the foster office at 267-385-3800 ext. 114 if you can give these very vulnerable little ones a place to stay for a few weeks. 

Foster care saves lives, every time! Join us in helping Philadelphia’s homeless pets. Visit today.

p.s. You can also foster dogs, cats, bunnies and even just stop by and play with them or help out when you can.

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It’s alive!

Posted by smallspark on October 3, 2007


IT was DEAD! my powerbook computer, that is. But now it simply has amnesia.


Good news: I don’t have to buy a new computer.

Bad News: I have no applications to DO anything anymore, and lost a lot of what I did do already.



Update: No – the damn thing did die and I did have to get a new computer. Well, mostly died. Well, it helped that my friend hooked me up with software my *almost* dead computer couldn’t run. And a newer powerbook came out. And well, I guess the software was the tipping point because I just couldn’t resist. Nope. It was time.

Whoo hoo!! It’s DEFINITELY alive!!!  And deliciously superfast!

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Hello world!

Posted by smallspark on July 5, 2007

Well, I’ve been officially welcomed to wordpress so I guess I can start writing!!

Why a blog?

I’m always on the web looking around so I thought this might be a place to share what I’ve found and remember so it doesn’t get lost in my bookmarks. I’m a surfer, an information gatherer, a researcher. I always love to look around. To learn.

A couple of my friends have blogs and have built them up to do great things – I think they are providing a real value in their chosen areas. I am still looking for my chosen area (I think) so this blog will probably be about my life.

As I start, it’s kind of nice to write and not feel like my world is limited to only myself. Lol. My world is actually quite full but somehow knowing a couple of people are reading here makes me take it that much more seriously.

So to start off – in about a week I will move into a house! Quite honestly I should be packing or working on a side project but it’s too late to think or throw tonight. Looks like I will be the mad packer this weekend. I move about once a year. Always the traveler. I love seeing the world.  (If you go to my facebook page, there’s an widget for where I’ve been and where I’d like to go. ) I’ve found though, that there are lots of things to see locally and, at least here in philadelphia, locations attitudes change by the block. . So, until I find out where my own favorite spot is… I’ll be wandering.

“Where’s waldette now?


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