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Philadelphia Creatives (or hey, there are Fun groups who make stuff!)

Posted by smallspark on October 23, 2008

This week I tweeted about Idea Blob  (, an event that sounded pretty neat.  Unfortunately, I found out late and have a date tonight so…I can’t go. However this is something monthly, I think so it occurs often. I can’t wait to go…and I have an idea to share too. 🙂

If you love new ideas and brainstorming – GO! and tell me about it.

They were sponsored by the below groups. I want to remember them because I love the idea of making things and learning what others are making – whether digital, art or technology –  and am excited to know more people combining art, technology and invention.

So check these sites out!

They are sponsored by:

These two don’t “make” things but check them out too.


One Response to “Philadelphia Creatives (or hey, there are Fun groups who make stuff!)”

  1. arpit said

    Very cool list. Am already loving geekadelphia.

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