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How to prepare your Mac for Sale

Posted by smallspark on July 19, 2008

Well, it’s that time again. I’m getting ready to sell my powerbook G4 and I want to make sure I hit all the right details needed to generate decent interest.

It’s time to break out the reference links.

I go through this this everytime I update computers. (I love getting new laptops!) Unfortunately, I don’t like getting rid of the old nearly as much. Painful.

Now I (and you) will have a place to reference them alltogether. …

And…, my plan just came to a screeching halt… for a great reason!
I just found one site that’s so damn good, it’s all i need!
Defintely worth a look-see. Check it out.

Prepare a Used Mac For Sale by Peachpit Press




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Splitting off the animal chatter – Name my blog!

Posted by smallspark on July 4, 2008

Hi all,

I have decided to split off all my animal chatter onto another site. Small Spark was never intended to be animal based, and I want to focus on my original goal, so I have created another blog where I will be posting this type of information. (Animal Chatter is already taken.) I’m open to naming suggestions…anyone have one?

For now, it’s called kittyzen…part cat zen and part citizen.

Come on over!

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