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PA HB 2525 Puppy Mill Law out of committee. Next Stop – The House!

Posted by smallspark on June 26, 2008


06-25-08 — House Bill 2525 Clears House Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee

With a vote down party lines, House Bill 2525 has cleared a major obstacle – the PA House Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee with minimal amendments at 7:44PM June 24th

I watched part of the discussion in the PA House live feed here: Live Feed of the PA House of Representative and they let out around 3 pm that day. I didn’t realize they were coming back. I am glad they did!

One of the arguments against bills like this is it may put some breeders out of business. I understand no one wants to take away anyone’s livelihood – it’s certainly unpleasant – but isn’t livelihood a separate issue? It’s not like we have a shortage of animals available. We have too many – and hundreds at every shelter are getting killed because there are not enough places for them. If you have ever loved an animal, it’s hard not to comprehend how horrible that is.

Please note – this blog wasn’t intended to be animal focused so I am moving future posts over to


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