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PA Puppy Mill Legislation HB 2525 is on the floor June 24th!

Posted by smallspark on June 22, 2008

If you’ve seen the Oprah show on this subject, maybe you understand how important, though minor, this law will be for those constantly pregnant animals forced to live their ENTIRE life in an open, small, wire-floored cage outside with no vet care. The endless rounds of puppies go to stores while Mama suffers.

“Among other essential changes, this bill would double the cage space required for dogs, mandate regular veterinary care, prohibit the stacking of cages, ban wire cage flooring and require that dogs have continuous access to clean water.”

“Passage of HB 2525 is vital if Pennsylvania is to improve conditions for dogs kept in commercial kennels and put an end to the state’s reputation as the “Puppy Mill Capital of the East.”

For more specific info, and to know exactly who to call, please go to the ASPCA website link below.

*Info in “” re-posted from ASPCA website.

Please call!


10 Responses to “PA Puppy Mill Legislation HB 2525 is on the floor June 24th!”

  1. NPPMWATCH said


    Overcrowded wire cages, no vet care, no exercise, no shelter from the elements…. these are conditions in which NO dog should be forced to live yet in Pennsylvania tens of thousands of dogs endure these conditions daily and there are no laws
    to prevent it.


    House Bill 2525 is currently being debated in the House Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee and, so far, THE BREEDERS ARE WINNING.

    Make no mistake about it, the breeders have but one interest: to keep the money flowing from the sale of puppies to the pet trade. They have NO concern for the breeder dogs and they have NO concern for the health and welfare of the puppies.

    Commercial breeding in Pennsylvania is legalized animal abuse!

    If you care about dogs, you MUST take action today.


    1) Call the Republican members of the House Agricultural & Rural Affairs Committee as soon as possible.

    2) Politely tell them that you support House Bill 2525 WITHOUT AMENDMENTS.

    Talking Points:

    > dogs are NOT livestock animals and are deserving of every provision contained within HB-2525.

    > profits generated from commercial breeding should not be more important than the health and welfare of the breeder dogs.

    > unregulated commercial breeding is a serious problem that affects canines AND consumers.

    > ask them to restore Pennsylvania’s good name so that it is no longer known as “The Puppy Mill Capital of the East”

    3) Follow-up with a handwritten letter, postcard or fax stating that you support HB-2525 WITHOUT AMENDMENTS

    4) Forward this alert to EVERY ANIMAL ADVOCATE YOU KNOW & CROSS POST because…


    Visit: for Committee Member names and numbers!

    Give Hope to the Mill Dogs
    North Penn Puppy Mill Watch
    Visit Us Online:

  2. Marsha Hafri said

    This bill is so important, how can anyone vote no to this bill. It’s a matter of
    being humane. Which ever person is against this bill its as if you are saying you would take your own animal out and shoot it in the head. How would your family feel about this?
    Please reconsider your vote!!!!!!!!

  3. Leaming said

    There is no excuse for animal abuse!

  4. Max Woodward said

    Despite overwhelming support for the bill, opponents were able to block a vote on it by introducing 100 frivolous amendments so that it couldn’t be acted on before the summer recess.
    I have emailed every representative in Lancaster County telling them that until they take action to clean up the mess in their backyard, I am one of thousands who will not spend a nickel in their county.
    Until enough tourism-related industries in Lancaster County suffer economic pain and pressure their elected officials to act, the suffering of dogs at Amish and Mennonite kennels will not end.

  5. smallspark said

    Everyone, thank you for commenting – I am really glad you’re paying attention and I hope the bill gets passed sooner than later. I can’t believe this is even a debate.

    Max, I think that is a GREAT idea and I am completely with you. If their main motivation is money then I guess that’s the only language they understand. Do you have a blog?


  6. Max Woodward said

    I should start one.
    I’ve been emailing the top tourist destinations in Lancaster County such as Dutch Wonderland and Strasburg Railroad to tell them why they will not see my family or our money this summer.
    The Lancaster County Tourist Board issued a statement after Oprah Winfrey’s show, saying that it favors legislation, but since legislators blocked the bill, I messaged the show asking that there be an update to let people know that they need to keep the pressure on if this is ever going to change.
    Also, many breeders’ groups and “sportsmens” clubs are spreading lies about the legislation, claiming things like any dog with a docked tail or cropped ears will be taken from its owner when in fact what the legislation says is that a vet must do these procedures.

  7. rem said

    National Boycott of Pennsylvania Products! NBPP now forming. That this wasn’t stopped years ago is Pennsylvania’s SHAME!
    Strictly boycott anything Amish, Lancaster,Bucks County. They won’t take the easy way…reach in their pocketooks! Product list being compiled.

  8. Max Woodward said

    Any word on the list of PA products? The bill comes up again next week and if the legislators continue to stall, this would be a great weapon to use to get bsuinesses to pressure them

  9. Tom York said

    @Max Wordward
    Just to counteract you I’ve also emailed every representative in Lancaster County telling that that they DO take action that I’ll NEVER visit their freedom hating county. Putting animal rights above human freedom is morally reprehensible. Dogs are no different then cows or chickens.

  10. smallspark said

    Max – I’m catching up on that – if you find it before I do please let me know.

    Tom – that’s the dumbest reasoning I ever heard. I think we can safely say TROLL.

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