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stolen scooter? Places to look

Posted by smallspark on May 20, 2008

My scooter was stolen in Philly and I am bummed. Here are the details of my scooter. If you find it….let me know!

It’s an orange buddy 50 (Genuine Scooter brand)

License is WHJ22

It has a chrome rack on the back.
Left hand has some scuffs and a slightly out of line handbrake due being dropped.
The mileage got stuck at I think 976, something close to but under 1000 miles. It never changes.
The speedometer doesn’t work either.
The front of the bike kind of “ticks” sometimes when it’s moving

Here are some things to make your search easier since, if you are like me, you are going to look for it!!

Obviously Register a report with the police and your insurance agent

Register your Stolen Scooter

Search Many Craigslist locations Easily

Search EBAY



One Response to “stolen scooter? Places to look”

  1. Anonymous said

    I was able to get my buddy Italia back after I flooded the area officers with photos of my bike with the message # from the original report. After a about a week and meeting half a dozen officers they were able to locate it, in last ten minutes of my last conversation. Since it’s not a big priority for the law enforcement, you kind of have to be a squeaky wheel and remind them and provide photos. They generally feel for you and want to help, but it’s hard to single out your bike on memory or a stolen property report…a photo and plea for help can do the trick.

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