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I was taken over by my facebook profile…

Posted by smallspark on September 13, 2007

…there is a LOT to do on there, and for some reason that site has grabbed me more than the others…this is a good thing? Or a bad thing…I dunno. Widgets get my attention. Now the only problem is moving the REST of the people I know over there b/c my goodness I can’t keep up with all the places I could post and emails addresses I have …Either way, now at least I am starting to get my media together and having fun with it. And people are talking back to me which is fun. Let’s see…where sites do I have info on/use to communicate….pownce, twitter, facebook, friendster, myspace, gmail, and comcast…did I miss anything?

Either way I have TONS of artwork to show people…and now I only have to find time to go through my boxes of “stuff” and pull them out to show. my god what a nightmare. None of it’s organized. A quarter of it’s on my powerbook at home (which died about a year ago….and just came back to life – thank you Apple) , the rest in a couple of boxes, on my walls or in two harddrives….it’s overwhelming to think of organizing it.

And of course, what do I want to do instead?

Goof around and make some more…which is AWESOME!!



One Response to “I was taken over by my facebook profile…”

  1. i think what you do we all do the sam e.
    so keep going!

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