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The mural my nephew Jack inspired…

Posted by smallspark on September 13, 2007

Now speaking of art, I want to share this photo – i don’t know how much you can see… I painted this mural in my nephews bedroom. I can’t believe my sister let me do it, but she did. I did it right after he was born. He’s now 3 but I’m still super proud of it b/c it’s the first mural I ever did, and probably only the second time I’ve painted a room in my life. (I’m not sure how much you can see – the line in the near center is the corner of the wall….not some weird line I drew. )


I usually work with several colors of paint at once and blend the heck out of them as I go – this one I think I had about 6 paintbrushes going at once on the ladder since I was blending the sky down and making clouds. I’ve done paintings before and love it but nothing on this scale. Most of my usual paintings are kind of tiny, as I’ve never had much room to paint since I left school. I LOVE to paint. It’s a great outlet and I’m often surprised by what I end up with. This one really pleases me and I can’t wait until I have a reason to try another OR set up a studio. I wonder how I’m going to combine all the things I like to do in one studio??




Jacks Wall


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I was taken over by my facebook profile…

Posted by smallspark on September 13, 2007

…there is a LOT to do on there, and for some reason that site has grabbed me more than the others…this is a good thing? Or a bad thing…I dunno. Widgets get my attention. Now the only problem is moving the REST of the people I know over there b/c my goodness I can’t keep up with all the places I could post and emails addresses I have …Either way, now at least I am starting to get my media together and having fun with it. And people are talking back to me which is fun. Let’s see…where sites do I have info on/use to communicate….pownce, twitter, facebook, friendster, myspace, gmail, and comcast…did I miss anything?

Either way I have TONS of artwork to show people…and now I only have to find time to go through my boxes of “stuff” and pull them out to show. my god what a nightmare. None of it’s organized. A quarter of it’s on my powerbook at home (which died about a year ago….and just came back to life – thank you Apple) , the rest in a couple of boxes, on my walls or in two harddrives….it’s overwhelming to think of organizing it.

And of course, what do I want to do instead?

Goof around and make some more…which is AWESOME!!


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