That’s all it takes to start something. One little spark….

Hello world!

Posted by smallspark on July 5, 2007

Well, I’ve been officially welcomed to wordpress so I guess I can start writing!!

Why a blog?

I’m always on the web looking around so I thought this might be a place to share what I’ve found and remember so it doesn’t get lost in my bookmarks. I’m a surfer, an information gatherer, a researcher. I always love to look around. To learn.

A couple of my friends have blogs and have built them up to do great things – I think they are providing a real value in their chosen areas. I am still looking for my chosen area (I think) so this blog will probably be about my life.

As I start, it’s kind of nice to write and not feel like my world is limited to only myself. Lol. My world is actually quite full but somehow knowing a couple of people are reading here makes me take it that much more seriously.

So to start off – in about a week I will move into a house! Quite honestly I should be packing or working on a side project but it’s too late to think or throw tonight. Looks like I will be the mad packer this weekend. I move about once a year. Always the traveler. I love seeing the world.  (If you go to my facebook page, there’s an widget for where I’ve been and where I’d like to go. ) I’ve found though, that there are lots of things to see locally and, at least here in philadelphia, locations attitudes change by the block. . So, until I find out where my own favorite spot is… I’ll be wandering.

“Where’s waldette now?



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