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Philadelphia Creatives (or hey, there are Fun groups who make stuff!)

Posted by smallspark on October 23, 2008

This week I tweeted about Idea Blob  (, an event that sounded pretty neat.  Unfortunately, I found out late and have a date tonight so…I can’t go. However this is something monthly, I think so it occurs often. I can’t wait to go…and I have an idea to share too. 🙂

If you love new ideas and brainstorming – GO! and tell me about it.

They were sponsored by the below groups. I want to remember them because I love the idea of making things and learning what others are making – whether digital, art or technology –  and am excited to know more people combining art, technology and invention.

So check these sites out!

They are sponsored by:

These two don’t “make” things but check them out too.


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Political Fact check Info – sites and sources

Posted by smallspark on October 10, 2008

Please please Fact Check

Dedicated Fact Checking Sites:
Nonpartisan Info:
Money Trail:
Non-Partisan Political Voting and Independent Group Rating Aggregator:
Veterans Groups Reviews
The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Action Fund
The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America Action Fund
Disabled American Veterans  (its easier to find this way)
Mccain’s rating from Disabled American Veterens (DAV)
Obama’s Rating from Disabled American Veterens (DAV)
Aggregated Veterens Ratings from
MCcain’s Aggregated Ratings from
Obama’s Aggregated Ratings from

Political Reporting – pretty much non-partisan
Political Projections/Statistics

More Resources at

If you have a site you feel should be on this list, let me know and if I think it should be too – I’ll add it! Good luck and choose wisely.

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PA Puppy Mill Bill – Senate going off course plus Oprah show update TODAY

Posted by smallspark on September 25, 2008

The Senate today made amendments and is (more or less) nullifying MAJOR parts of the PA HB2525 bill the House passed with flying colors. PLEASE don’t let them.

They are almost out of session and about to get very busy. PLEASE go to and let them know you DO consider this important.

The House got a lot of pressure and knows we care. The Senate hasn’t had as much exposure to people’s opinions. Let’s make them aware their constituents care, and have an opinion, please. And that we VOTE.

And OPRAH is back on the subject and she is having another puppy mill show on Sept 25th.

Watch the show and understand what the fuss is all about on this issue.

Please pass this on.

Sources: CBS 3
North Penn Puppy Mill Watch
Main Line Animal Rescue

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Useful/Interesting Internet Finds

Posted by smallspark on September 16, 2008

Amazon Watcher:

If you are looking for an item on Amazon that is constantly becoming sold out you might want this app because what this app does is automatically BUY the item as soon as it becomes available. Nice! The app is called Amazon Watcher (Found via and lifehacker plus some other well know sites, with good reviews.)

If you like The Machine is Us/ing Us web 2.0 video by Mike Wesch (and who didn’t) he updates his research in this talk given to the Library of Congress called An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube which is done in a humorous and informative fashion. The New Mediascape by Mike Atherton is how I found it and there you will find a good interview plus plenty of related links.


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11 seconds to steal a scooter – caught on tape

Posted by smallspark on August 13, 2008

Ugh. This video shows what probably happened to my scooter. Watch and learn.


I’m still mad about that. And still scooter-less.:(

(But… I don’t think I can hold out much longer…and that ride will be locked up tight tight tight!)

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My Daily Wander – Laptop protection

Posted by smallspark on August 2, 2008

So for any of you out there that know me, you know that I love to wander around the web finding interesting gadgets or information to fill whatever need anyone I know has mentioned. I think I find some good and useful information so I am going to start sharing.

First up is a laptop protection  – this one is actually for me since I got a new apple powerbook 15″ a short time ago. I’m a bit of a klutz so anything that helps keep my my laptop safe while I’m in motion would be good. I drag my laptop everywhere so any added protection from dropping it would be a very good thing too. 🙂

Laptop Protectors:

A slightly different sporty slide-in case –

  • Specks Sporty Canvas case. This is pretty neat as it reminds me of converse sneakers and I love how constructed the lines are. It feels very clean and spare – yes and sporty too. Just the thing to make me feel energized and ready to go.
  • Specks Hardshell Case This is a sheer plastic case protector whch encloses the entire computer. I am on the fence if I am going to get it. I have heard Specks case scratches the computer when you put it on, and that of course affects the resale value plus it’s just basically a bummer. But they do have very pretty colors. I love that blue.
  • Incase Hardshell Case This is the case protector I might like to use. Rather than the texture being hardshell plastic like the SPECK case, this shell has more of a thick matte rubberized texture in different colors and won’t scratch my laptop. A possible downside is the ability to only open the laptop a max of 90 degrees, which might be a dealbreaker – mine is usually wide open and that’s without anything to increase airflow undeneath. (I hope they will change that in the future.) I’ve also read heat is not an issue with this cover, as one might suspect. The colors on the 15″ are limited to frosted, black or red. I don’t really want any of those colors. thbbb.
  • Invisible Shield This covers the laptop with a very thin, clear, scratch-resistant shell. It comes in several versions from just covering the top/bottom to full coverage of everything but the keyboard. It won’t protect the laptop from those annoying dings.
  • Keyboard protectors:

  • Iskin Protouch Keyboard Protector This has 3 different colors available (white, blue or pink) and just goes right over the keyboard which will stop all sorts of nastiness from falling through the cracks and protect the key from wear.
  • zCover Keyboard Skin is similar to the iSkin and comes in three different styles. If you’re a creative person and want keyboard shortcut reminders for illustrator, photoshop, final cut pro, InDesign or Digidesign Pro Tools this is much cheaper than getting a keyboard and very nice looking. (I’ve seen these at a couple of stores and I really like it.) There are also two other versions. “Preprinted” which has the lettering on the skin. I really like this too because of the high contrast and graphic punch. The “Original” version has FAR more color choices than iSkin and is see-through.
  • And just to add in for pure fun/style (though no real protection) are:
    Laptop Skins:

  • Schtickers has many interesting designs. If you don’t see one you like, they let you create your own.
  • Want more? Laptop Skins
  • Or DecalGirl
  • Laptop Etching (no protection, just style):
    AdaFruit Laptop Etching I really like this look.

    This is just what I’ve found pretty cool so far. What did you find or recommend?

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    How to prepare your Mac for Sale

    Posted by smallspark on July 19, 2008

    Well, it’s that time again. I’m getting ready to sell my powerbook G4 and I want to make sure I hit all the right details needed to generate decent interest.

    It’s time to break out the reference links.

    I go through this this everytime I update computers. (I love getting new laptops!) Unfortunately, I don’t like getting rid of the old nearly as much. Painful.

    Now I (and you) will have a place to reference them alltogether. …

    And…, my plan just came to a screeching halt… for a great reason!
    I just found one site that’s so damn good, it’s all i need!
    Defintely worth a look-see. Check it out.

    Prepare a Used Mac For Sale by Peachpit Press



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    Splitting off the animal chatter – Name my blog!

    Posted by smallspark on July 4, 2008

    Hi all,

    I have decided to split off all my animal chatter onto another site. Small Spark was never intended to be animal based, and I want to focus on my original goal, so I have created another blog where I will be posting this type of information. (Animal Chatter is already taken.) I’m open to naming suggestions…anyone have one?

    For now, it’s called kittyzen…part cat zen and part citizen.

    Come on over!

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    PA HB 2525 Puppy Mill Law out of committee. Next Stop – The House!

    Posted by smallspark on June 26, 2008


    06-25-08 — House Bill 2525 Clears House Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee

    With a vote down party lines, House Bill 2525 has cleared a major obstacle – the PA House Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee with minimal amendments at 7:44PM June 24th

    I watched part of the discussion in the PA House live feed here: Live Feed of the PA House of Representative and they let out around 3 pm that day. I didn’t realize they were coming back. I am glad they did!

    One of the arguments against bills like this is it may put some breeders out of business. I understand no one wants to take away anyone’s livelihood – it’s certainly unpleasant – but isn’t livelihood a separate issue? It’s not like we have a shortage of animals available. We have too many – and hundreds at every shelter are getting killed because there are not enough places for them. If you have ever loved an animal, it’s hard not to comprehend how horrible that is.

    Please note – this blog wasn’t intended to be animal focused so I am moving future posts over to

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    Animal-cruelty bill H.B. 2532 PASSED unanimously. :)

    Posted by smallspark on June 24, 2008

    The House Judiciary Committee is to vote on an animal-cruelty bill (H.B. 2532) under which anyone except a licensed veterinarian would be forbidden from performing cesarean sections on dogs or removing a dog’s vocal cords.

    Knowing anyone other than a vet could and DID do this (in any way they so chose) makes me terribly sad. I’m so glad it passed.

    I’m holding my breath for HB 2525.

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